This four-year program covers astronomy subjects such as observational techniques, cosmology, solar system geology, and stellar physics in addition to Physics, Mathematics and Computing options. 

More details here.

Taught MSc in Astronomical Instrumentation and Technology

Taught by members of the Centre for Astronomy and Applied Optics, this course teaches students about the technology behind modern observatories. For more information about this course please follow this link.

Post-Graduate Research

The research page gives an overview of research themes and/or directions within the Centre.

Notes on Post-Graduate Research Funding

  1. Fees: The University charges fees for postgraduate students, which are outlined here.
  2. College of Science Postgraduate Fellowship: These fellowships are awarded by the College of Science.  Fellows are required to demonstrate for up to 6 hrs a week during term.
  3. Hardiman Research Scholarship: NUI Galway also offers a highly competitive and prestigious scheme which is outlined here.
  4. Irish Research Council: IRC offer an excellent fellowship programme as part of their Embark initiative. The scheme is very competitive and you will almost certainly require a first class honours degree or MSc
  5. Project Specific Funding: Some supervisors may have research funding for a specific project that can be used to pay postgraduate students. (Funding agencies include HEA, EI, EPA, SFI). Often this support is at the IRC level and may include fees. You should ask individual supervisors if they have such funding, and generally they will advertise the fact. Research funds can also be used to supplement College of Science postgraduate fellowships.
  6. Other Funding Sources: There may be some possibilities for supplementing income by additional laboratory demonstrating, invigilating at exams, giving grinds, etc. However, often these activities are not well paid and you need to be very careful that the involvement does not significantly increase the time it takes you to complete your degree.