The Centre

The Centre for Astronomy was launched in January 2007, to bring together all the research and teaching of astronomy at NUI Galway. Members of the Centre carry out research in Astronomy, Astronomical Instrumentation and Computational Astrophysics. Our research topics include: Applied Imaging, Clusters and Exoplanets, Gamma-ray Astronomy, High Speed Stokes Polarimetry, Pulsars, Star Formation & Astrochemistry, Ultra-cool Stars and Virtual Observatories.

We offer a Denominated Degree in Physics & Astrophysics. This degree has been running since 2000 and was the first such degree offered in Ireland. In addition Centre members are involved in the teaching of other undergraduate degree programmes in the schools of Physics and Mathematics.

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If you are interested in coming here to work or to study please do not hesitate to contact us. 


Dr Matt Redman
Director: Centre for Astronomy, NUI Galway‌