Astronomy Outreach Pages at the Centre for Astronomy

We are committed to the public understanding of science in general and of astronomy in particular. Members of the centre regularly give public talks and lectures and participate in many science outreach activities. We are also continuing our programme of public lectures. Each talk, given by a member of the CfA, will discuss a particular area of astronomy normally linked to their research interests. They will be suitable for everyone and in particular to 2nd level students. 


Open Evenings at the Imbusch Observatory

An informative hour-long lecture will be followed by a 3D tour of the Universe, and then hands-on viewing of the sky by night, weather permitting. NUI Galway's Centre of Astronomy will continue its programme of free open evenings at its Imbusch Observatory in Dangan. The Observatory provides state-of-the-art observing facilities for NUI Galway's Astrophysics students and the Open evenings are an opportunity for the general public to come in and visit. Open evenings begin in Room 220 in Physics at 7pm, Arts-Science building NUIG and go on to about 9pm.

Unfortunately the Imbusch Observatory is closed at the moment. Details of the next open evening will be posted here shortly.

The (free) astronomical programs mentioned at the open evening are:

Public Talks

Our members may be able to give public talks to undergraduate or amateur groups. Please contact staff members directly if you would like them to give a talk about their research or astronomy in general.

Evening Courses

An introduction to astronomy evening course is offered by NUIG. Taught by researchers in the field this is a great course for those how have not had a chance to study astronomy before and wish to learn the basics of how the universe works. Delivered in eight two hour lectures the course deals with the history of astronomy as well as our current understanding of planets, stars and galaxies.

Additional details such as how to apply, the next start date and fees can be found here.